A team’s ability to manage scheduled and unscheduled appointments is crucial. Geoplanning offers specific solutions for particular round planning, delivery, distribution or equipment installation requirements.


Get a return on the investment

  • Draw up dynamic schedules to cut dead time between deliveries and motivate your teams to complete more tasks.
  • The scheduling system reduces mileage by up to 20% by avoiding unnecessary journeys. And that results in lower fuel consumption and a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Get management reports and cut down time spent on administrative tasks.

Guide your field teams in real time

  • Generate routing orders for your delivery teams’ journeys.
  • Keep delivery staff informed when there is a change of plans.

Plan your rounds (scheduled and unscheduled) and manage schedules

  • Further reduce your administrative overheads
  • Optimize punctuality of appointments
  • Schedule punctual call times and make life easier for your customer


Geoplanning optimisation de tournees-fleches

Geoplanning is the ideal planning optimization solution for your business.

Geoplanning offers several features. What are your needs?