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Geoplanning, a geographic planning tool developed by

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Actia Telematics Services, a creator of mobile intelligence for businesses.

Our business is to develop mapping engine, planning, geolocation technology, and driver behaviour analysis for optimal management of corporate assets and staff on the move.

Mission of Actia Telematics Services

Actia Telematics Services supplies high-range tracking solutions, in real time, for vehicles, persons and objects in order to improve the quality of service and the profitability of your company.
We develop a web-based plateform which, combined with telematic boxes, allows you to enhance, analyse and present data and, when needed, we integrate additional business applications. 

Values of Actia Telematics Services

Business is the priority
We listen to our customers and anticipate their expectations. The value of our technologies is placed at the disposal of the customer experience.

Aim: customer satisfaction
Customers’ requirements are what fire us up. We are empathetic. Made for users. Made in agility.

Continual innovation
We aim for excellence through the strength of our team of experts; we develop our expertise and enhance our processes.

Ethical approach
Respect, integrity and trust cement our lasting relationships.

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Actia Telematics Services (A.T.S.)

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